A Poem.

I am the tar filled puddle.
and poisoned
I linger on.
This Rubik’s cube of a game called life
is repugnant to me.
Why bother to run in circles
playing mind games and ego games with each other?
Why suffer through all of the suffering that comes with living here?
To what end?
To end up in a Judo/Christian/Muslim Hell?
To end up in Tartarus or Purgatory?
Some Nirvana haze or Valhalla?
Even going to Nirvana doesn’t appeal to me any more.
You ruined my heart!
It does not beat.
I am Disconnected from my Passion,
my Sweetness,
my Hope,
My everlasting Heart Breaker.
The days away from your light
stretch for all of eternity.
Back to the endless Void…
To Nothingness and the undoing of the very fabric and substance of Reality.
As cheesy as it sounds…
That’s how much I Love, Adore, Admire, and Worship you like a God.
A grumpy, yet kind God.
Justice may come first
but revenge is your specialty.
Cold and calculating.
A Master of cool, calm, and collected.
Like a still lake in the belly of the cave.
But even this poem is bitter in my mouth.
Because, Nothing I write here will ever change your mind.
No spell will move that heart.
Nor prayers to the God’s
will sway fates hand in my favor.
You immovable, the unstoppable, Ice King.
Inside that lake lays a well decorated treasure chest.
Which contains your beating heart.
Cast aside as your bride price for power.
You thought you didn’t need it.
But I know a secret.
For all of your aloofness towards love,
you still look in that chest…
to make sure your heart still beats.
For whom it beats, I do not know.
But I know it does not beat for me.
And I sigh…

I have a few books published on Amazon. My newest book is called, “The Firestorm of Tears.”

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