A cat’s eye pic from the net.

What lies behind my eyes?

When the light turns to dark
One always wonders
What lies behind my eyes?
Trying to see past my veil
Seeing into an endless Sea of Turbulent water
Looking into the face of Death’s Lover
When the light turns to dark
Look into my eyes…
Can you see me huddling in the corner?
When the light fades to black
When the calm washes over the storm
As lighting strikes my Heart
As I hear you whispering
I sip at my drink
And I explode!
I can feel my stomach turning
I can hear my acids rising
I Know my Breaking point is NOW!
When the light melts into blackness
I can hear the wind rustling
I can see it whipping at my body
Leaving bruises for pleasure
Cutting my flesh with icy wind
Laughing in my ear
When the light molds with the black
I can feel my heart beating…
With one glance at you
My will beckons me closer
To your open hand
I grab.
I fall short.
When the light becomes the absence of color
A child is crying out
Mommy comes over to administer her daily dose of love.
Separate and yet, soothing.
Indifferently loving.
As my heart fades from red to blue…
I can hear you calling me
and I know you are watching me.
I can feel your eyes acting like laser beams
Cutting off my clothing
At the seams
My physical self fades into my essence…
Do You think You Know Me?
I have flesh to hide behind!
I evaporate and meld with nothingness….
I Become ONE!

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