What if God is everyone and no one, all at once?

My Confession by Amanda Dalmas

What if God is everyone and no one, all at once?

What if God is everyone I meet?
In all of it’s various forms.
When I look at all of you, all I see is Source.
I see the Eternal One.
An Amoeba of a God.
Sexless, formless, ageless, invisible, a lidless eye,.
I believe that Source is just like me, lonely.
Just like the amoeba, Source split their self to have company.
Because to face the great Ginnungagap, alone, might even have terrified the Source it’s self.
And so there was creation, sacrifice, splitting of atoms, bangs, booms, sputtering’s of Ice and Flame, a cow licking Ice and then it created man and woman.
What a sick cosmic joke, humanity is.
Oh, how mouse like we are.
Polluting and shitting where we eat.
Squealing for the newest iPhone.
While we bathe in cancer from our plastic hell…
I wonder if God is like me.
Is he tired of this world yet?
Where is my Apocalypse? My beloved Ragnarok.
I’m not the only one who feels this way.
Sick and tired of being thrown back into the endless bleak days, a cyclical Groundhog’s Day.
When I look at all of you, You’s, all I see is the Source.
It doesn’t matter the shape, color, nor sex.
All I see is the Source.
And mostly, he is my Salvation from humanity.
I promised I would do anything to never grace this Earth again.
Be it evolution or destruction.
I will unify with Source or be done with it.
But like the Five of Swords, I lament and look backwards hoping to see you.
Love is what cements me here.
Hope is what gets me through the day.
And probably is the only reason I come back…to try to do it differently, better even.

I have a few books published on Amazon. My newest book is called, “The Firestorm of Tears.”

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