Under the Moon Light.

Photo taken by Amanda Dalmas.

I can feel you looking up at the moon tonight.
Under the canopy of the stars, we trod the same Earth,
but sleep in different beds.
I look up at the moon and find comfort that it shines on you as well.
I often wonder what dark spells and incantations you will be saying tonight.
Errant spirits sent to and fro,
an invisible army at your command.
Although I have the eyes to see spirits, sometimes,
your unseen army eludes my penetrating gaze.
But I still see you.
You who’s swift justice comes by the slice of a knife.
Your will is unbending and strong.
Your power fills the ocean and creates tidal waves
that crushes your opponents.
I am enamored by you.
Your power, your sense of justice are what turns me on.
Your strong sense of good character and the fact that you follow your own teachings.
There is no bullshit.
No lies, ever with you.
I don’t have to fact check you.
I wish this moon would illuminate the secret paths to your inner hearts chambers.
I wish I could find a crack in that Mithril armor of yours…
So I could gestate inside of your heart and have you rebirth me whole.
The moon is cold tonight, much like my bed chambers.
We may walk under the same moon.
But we sleep in different beds.

I have a few books published on Amazon. My newest book is called, “The Firestorm of Tears.”

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