Trying to Let Go of You!

Mine doesn’t count for the contest but this is my submission for “A Rebel’s Prompt: Letting Go.”

Just one text from you
and I’m back to the puddles again.
The despair of guessing your inner heart.
Because that’s all it is …guessing.
You never say anything emotional.
You flick them off your shoulder like the men you kill in the fields.
You’re a soldier, a fighter, not a Cryer.
You don’t share and you appear not to care.
You’ve cut my heart enough times for me to try to leave.
But every time you text me,
I know I will never leave you.
I want to take that first painful step.
But I am the loyal dog at your feet.
I am the naked girl, under the table cloth,
from who’s back you eat off of.
I am the cast aside rag doll.
I feel like I will wilt away and downgrade to cat lady status without you.
My mind is reading all the red flags and the insanity says stay.
But my heart makes a stand.
You don’t need to go, but these damn toxic tears must be banished forever.
If only, just IF…I could feel something other than the bleak days raining down my face…maybe you might come around. Because like attracts like. Truly even I don’t want to hang out with me like this. All this sobbing and screaming that gets me nowhere. If only, just IF, I could feel something other than this….

I have a few books published on Amazon. My newest book is called, “The Firestorm of Tears.”

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