A Rant

Trick or treat, smell my feet….don’t give me a virus to eat. This will be the loneliest Halloween for everyone in a long time. Probably since WWII and the Great Depression. But even then they were allowed to have fun. But do not get me wrong, I take this virus very seriously, and I understand the precautions are necessary….but gawd darn it, everything is canceled because of the plague.

This is my favorite holiday! A day when the veil is thin and my Ancestors can commune with me. I’m definitely going to be doing some divination on that night. I’d rather spend Halloween inside honoring my ancestors than taking risks with this damn virus.

I think the fucking kicker in all of this is the President of the USA, just recently claimed that he “Ended the Pandemic” as part of his presidential achievements. How can you claim something is over when it’s still going on currently? I am astounded at the immaturity of this President. This is not a fucking popularity contest you fucking idiot…People are dying!!!! Really dropping like flies over this virus and our great leader is playing socialite games. I hang my fucking head low…real low.

Amanda Dalmas ~ Oct.28th, 2020

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