A poem written circa 2005, in a mental ward somewhere in the USA.

Throwing my self against Your bars
Running through hoops
To what end?
Who’s rules are we playing by?
Who’s considerations are left behind?
Where are you
when I need you to wipe away my tears
Where are you
but in your own cage
All Alone
Just the way you like it
Isn’t this how you want it to be?
But you aren’t alone
Following my every move
Sewn onto the backs of my heels
You are my Shadow
You are my everything
But what I NEED you to be
Here with ME
locked in this cage
in a puddle of our piss and covered in cum
The way it should be
But, no…
YOU want to be Alone
That is all I hear from You
There it is again
That word sounds like
the screeching sound down that chalk board
How about trying out a new word
It’s even easy to spell…
Why can’t we try that out
But wait
You want to be Alone
All Alone
Following me around
Mimicking me
Replacing my shadow with you
All you and no me
until you consume me whole
Only to trap me
in your stomach
to tear down my soul
Till there is nothing left …but YOU!

I have a few books published on Amazon. My newest book is called, “The Firestorm of Tears.”

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