A Poem

I feel like a baby playing with sand.
The more I grasp at it…the more it slips through my fingers…
All I know
is that I must be released from this physical form
in order for me to move a mountain.
I will train.
I will come back at you three You’s.
I will NOT lose.
Released from all of the pain….but harboring it in my secret hearts chambers.
For there is a heart…and then there is the only Heart that counts …the one inside your soul.
You can tease such reactions from people by pulling on the hearts strings.
That you just might see their soul, pop out at you.
But I have digressed…
You don’t really know me.
You only wanted to get to know yourself better through me…at me…but never about me or my life.
Or you would just use my words against me.
Turning things around in circles.
Endlessly cyclical.
But that pain….all those tears you caused me…that the world caused me…I will take it out on you…one psycho shit fuck you up mother fucking storm…and in the end…I was the loyal one. It was YOU who betrayed me.
Who put money and internet fame before who?
You told me that you loved me…then you attacked me….
Why is it that I am the bad guy again?

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