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Three Coiled Snakes

You are like three coiled snakes
Snake nipping at my heals
In constant fear, I do live in,
till the day you all come for me
What a display
I hope you descend back into the darkness you slunk out of
But you
you who regret
You who does look back
Oh, and all of the why’s and because
All of the love
All of your hate
Do your demons betray you or empower you?
Because, it’s a race to the next adventure my friends
I could just skip all of the restrictions of your presupposed hells
your pit’s,
your doors
For how could one’s soul not know it’s way home?
I had only to reach out
But my limitations were overwhelming
I feel emptier than the endless void of nothingness
I keep falling down the hole
Never hitting rock bottom
Only these ledges stop my fall
But I keep falling further
It never seems to end
But I saw it coming
And I will find a way to destroy you three coiled vipers
You little shitbags
You venomous swine
I will break you three coiled snakes
I will be your Instructor of Pain
I will become your Master
And I will never fear you three again

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