The time I looked the Devil in the Eye!

A poetic retelling of true events as I perceived them.

He didn’t even look like the pic above. He was beautiful, but terrifying in a cold serial killer kind of way.

I just had a fight with a Brujo on the phone and was furious at him for threatening me. He sent some spirits to my house to spy on me. Which freaked me out even more. So I irrationally plotted to summon the Devil and let him know what the brujo said about him. Which were awful things to say about a deity, even if it was the Devil. My thought was if the Devil knew what this brujo had said about him….maybe he would ditch helping him or turn on him. Either way. I was mad and irrational.

So I got my cauldron off of my Santa Muerte altar, some Siete Machos, a few herbs, and some petition papers. Off I went to conjure up Satan in my back yard. Ya know, an average day and all. So I called upon the forces that protected me at that time and lit my cauldron up. The flames rose higher…with the Siete Machos in there along with everything else I threw in. I said my prayers and as I was praying, I noticed that those spirits were circling me. I could not hear them, but it appeared that they too were conjuring at the same time as me.

Either way, between my simple ritual and their conjure, he came out of the darkness. There he was, Lucifer, Satan, The Old Serpent, etc…He was quite beautiful. More like his fallen angel appearance. The Bringer of Light. He had coal-black curly hair, that would unroll and reroll its curls to its own rhythm. His eyes were beads of night, no color, just darkness, and hate. He hated being disturbed, he despises humans, there is no love in his heart. I was looking at the one who hates humanity the most. This I know just by looking into his “eyes.” I also know that the form in front of me is not his true form. It’s just how he decided to appear to me that night.

But he came out of the mist of night and started to approach me. The only thing that saved me was one thought, that he was beautiful. His vanity was my salvation. And it stayed his hand from harming me that one day, at least. I will not lie, I was scared. But it was one of my truly fierce moments. I was the fool who ran into the Devil’s Lair with no fear in my heart. That time I was lucky. I will not do that again without guidance.

Amanda Dalmas ~Dec. 22, 2020

I have a few books published on Amazon. My newest book is called, “The Firestorm of Tears.”

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