A Poem

I am neither
I am both
I am the Sinner-Saint,
and I have come to save you from the dead god.
He who does no miracles in today's world
Only the convenience of stories told about him
Where was he when my father cried out his name …while he was suffering on his cancer cross?
When you prayed to that dying god…did he ever answer you back with even so much as a dream
Or was the fluke coincidence of it all working out in the end, enough to fuel your passion for your Christ
I will not reside in your hell.
Nor will I rise up to your heaven
I believe in the Old Gods
I dance and run with the nature spirits.
God’s and Goddesses reveal their path to me in my dreams
The dead are alive to me
More alive than the living.
Magic and nature are my paths
You can not stop me
You can not contain this.

Amanda Dalmas ~ Oct. 22nd, 2020

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