The Second Prompt for October.

A Rebel’s Prompt, “Loyalty.”

Congrats to Iva Hotko for winning the First Rebel’s Prompt of “Letting Go.”

Here is a link to the winning poem:

In the second A Rebel’s Prompt, the theme is Loyalty.

What does loyalty mean to you? Do you have the quality of being loyal? Do your friends and family? Have they been loyal to you or were they treacherous? How would you define loyalty? Have you been disloyal? Feel bad for it or feel justified? Are there moments when loyalty must be put aside? Is it ok to be disloyal?

This can be as campy or horror-filled as you desire. Considering Halloween is coming up, you could do a story on ghost hunters with the team disintegrating because of trust and loyalty issues. A ghost who was betrayed and has come back from the dead to get revenge. It doesn’t have to be Halloween themed but it is the season for it. So I wanted to give you that option too but keep it themed around Loyalty, somehow.

So if my writers would like to participate in this challenge, just put “A Rebel’s Prompt, Loyalty” in the Subtitle of your writing. And please don’t forget to do this part so that I know your piece is for this contest. lol I allowed it for the first prompt but for this time, please try to remember the subtitle.

This could be in a story format, poem, free verse, lyrics, or comics (I would really love my comic guys to get in on this Andy Anderson and rstevens.).

Submissions I won’t accept are Haiku or extremely short pieces. Your piece should be no less than 100 words and no more than 1,500 words. Except for the Comics…they just need a short intro, and a description or punch line.

The Prompt “Loyalty” will run from Oct. 16th, 2020 to midnight Thursday, Oct 29th, 2020. And I will announce the winner of this prompt on Friday, Oct. 30th, 2020.

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