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Submission Guidelines.

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So I decided to start my own publication, called The Rebel Poets Society. I am accepting new writers currently. Ideally, I would like to see writers submitting their writings either once a day or once a week. You don’t have to submit every day, but if you have that kind of volume of work to pull from, do it. And it isn’t a criteria to submit once a week but it would be nice if you did. I don’t want to force writers to write just to write, but I want pieces written from your souls.

Also, this just came up, NO ONE UNDER 18 MAY APPLY HERE. We are an adult pub. We feature very graphic sexual content that I feel you should be over 18 to read. I thought Medium would do a better job screening its applicants…but not so…as I have gotten several applications from people under 18. I will block and delete you if I find out you are under 18.

Do NOT remove your stories without alerting me with a private message and giving me a good reason for doing so. If you remove a post and don’t tell me about it, I will delete you from this pub. I consider this very rude, and I’m not the only pub owner who feels this way either.

Content Guidelines:

This is pub mostly publishes poetry, stories, and comic strips. I like short stories, fiction, and non-fiction. I like all forms of poetry. And I’m always looking for comic strip makers.

No racist, or defamatory of race, religion, sexuality, etc. You may write angry poems about God (as an example) but not saying that one religion is better or worse than the other. Or that anyone from that religion must die or anything like that.

I do encourage sexually racy poems but will not publish rape, incest, animal, or underage admiration poems. Poems about sexuality can be as explicit as you can creatively write them. But they must be in a poem or story format. This is a creative writing forum, no trashy romance book-type submissions. You can write love or sex-filled stories, just do it with style and creativity.

Also a note about poems, I’m not overly fond of one or two-line poems that are not haiku. I have published someone or two-line poems. BUT, unless I feel that they are Really good, I will probably reject them. I feel as poets we should elaborate more than just two lines in a poem.

I do not like emojis, nor texting language to be used in poems. I feel as artists we can use our words to describe or inspire emotions. I do not feel that it looks professional when you use those things in your writings.

I don’t want poems that were a prompt from someone else either. Meaning, there are a lot of poems that were written because someone tagged you in a post of theirs and asked that you write a poem on a selected subject. Or if another publication prompts you to write a poem on a particular subject, please don’t submit it here. I have published one poem like this on my site because I liked the poem. But as a general rule, don’t submit pre-prompted poetry to my site.

I do not like click and bate titles for Any type of writing. Keep the title of your work relevant to the subject matter you are writing about, which includes poems. I don’t want sensational headlines and the writing about something else entirely or that the body of the work deviates from the subject matter.

I don’t want the cliche “How to make money on Medium” posts, nor “Look at how much money I made on Medium” posts either. Nor do I want pieces about “7 ways to keep your boyfriend”, “writing tips,” “7 signs that you are a narcissist,” or anything like that.

This is a creative writing platform. I expect content from your soul, not to fill a piece of paper up and make money off of it. Sure, I want you all to profit from being on this writing platform, but not to write crap. Good luck and please feel free to submit your soul to paper.

I feel it is up to the artist to proofread their work. But I reserve the right to send a private message or reject anything I do not like. I will correct some errors like the overuse of commas, or a common spelling mistake. I will send you a private note and let you know of the changes I made. If I can’t figure out how to fix it without messing with your vision, I will leave you a private message and ask you to fix the problem.

I feel that mostly, I will be handpicking the writers for this publication. If you wish to submit, please leave a response below that you are interested in submitting here. I will get back to you within 5 days after checking your Medium page, and add you as a writer if I like what I am reading.

I will leave a response under your initial post on this writing as to whether or not I accept you as a writer.

And anyone who just woke up one day and discovered they were a writer for my publication, it’s because I loved your work and Really wanted you to write more for me. I will be looking for Poets, Story writers, Journalists, Cartoonists, Ranters, Bloggers, Spiritual, Sensualists, and Erotica writers.

Good luck.

I have a few books published on Amazon. My newest book is called, “The Firestorm of Tears.”

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