A Rebel’s Prompt: Take me on a Vacation

It was the perfect day for the beach.
The sun was shining and there was a salty warm breeze blowing that day.
Everyone was happy to be at the seaside.
I didn’t see one frown that day.
Which in turn made me smile for once.
It was infectious, the happiness…
It filled you up like the sunlight.
I was killing time…while waiting for you to get off of work.
I sat down in the warm sand and let my toes sink in.
I breathed in the ecstatic happiness that was humming in the air.
Even you were being nice to me that day.
I will hold those sunny memories in my heart forever.
Hoping they will get me through these dark days ahead.
For now, winter is coming and you are not so nice to me anymore.
There are moments between us…but not like that one perfect day…le sigh…

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