A poem.

This cold in my soul is only healed
inside the bosom of a mossy oak.
Inside I’m screaming without you being accessible in my life.
The only respite is where my heart lies…inside that mossy oak.
Deep within the forest,
I dance and sing songs of old.
Waiting for my lover to find me in the grove.
Time has etched my heart
and my bed has gone cold.
But my hope remains pure
while waiting for you.
An eon could go by
and I would still be there singing songs to the Gods.
But will you be that cruel?
My tears have dug into my face.
They have created the Grand Cavern of pain across my soul.
So I ran as fast as I could into the woods.
Looking for that mossy oak.
The mistress of my sadness.
In her arms I find solace.
I let it all out and scream at the God’s.
But it’s not their fault.
It’s mine…it’s his…it’s complicated…isn’t it always that way?

Amanda Dalmas 2020

I have a few books published on Amazon. My newest book is called, “The Firestorm of Tears.”

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