A rant about the dating scene.

I went on an unfinished date, yesterday. It was like throwing away a half read romance novel. It left me feeling very depressed and questioning my self worth. It was an unfinished date, because he left me sitting on a park bench with his uneaten sushi. Waiting for him to never return. Which he did not disappoint me.

Where are the men with the manors, like holding doors, buying dinner, and sticking with the date till the end at least. It’s not like I was obnoxious, rude, or snotty. I was completely blindsided by his ditching move. I thought I looked good too.

Honestly, I think the guy was a little pissed that I let him pay for the sushi. I am old school, I believe the man should pay, hold doors, be a gentleman, and so on. I told him that from the start too.

But there I was on that park bench, eating his shitty sushi, feeling dismissed. But this roller coaster has it’s ups and downs. After I ate his sushi, I left the bench and continued down the path at the park. Where I found a young man appreciating the scenery by the Hudson River.

I laid down my woes and he comforted me. It was nice to have the ear of a good looking gentleman. We bitched about the dating scene for a while. Then he went on his way. I felt refreshed and made anew. For every bad, there is a good, somewhere along the line.

So maybe tomorrow, I’ll get up and try again and again. Until one day, I finally meet him. And then I slap him in the face, and ask him what took him soooo fucking long to find me.

I have a few books published on Amazon. My newest book is called, “The Firestorm of Tears.”

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