The Last Prompt before the Drawing in December is….

Dec. 1st to Dec. 14th prompt

In these dark times…we need a little light. I would like to hear a piece on what the writer can imagine a New Year's Eve Party for 2021 will be like …but with a positive spin-off to it. I want to uplift people and give them hope for the holidays, for Pagans, and Christians alike. I would prefer it to be from the perspective of the writer as well. That the writer is at this party and will tell me this grand story.

I want to hear of this legendary party…where even the God’s might look down with envy. Now it doesn’t all have to be campy. There could be that loud drunk girl…who throws up on so and so…etc. There could be drama. BUT, I do want to hear that it mostly resolves it’s self and is happy in the end.

And it doesn’t have to be a regular party…nor even on this planet. Use your imagination, for your only limitation, is your inhibitions. Let go. Go ID on this shit. Dig deep. Maybe there is a lesson in what you will write. Maybe it’s just a feel-good story or a comic strip. Or you write about a secret BDSM club scene that escalates past midnight. Explore your hard limits. But stay within the Submission Guidelines rules of course.

So I’d like my writers to please put in your subtitles: A Rebel’s Prompt: A Grand Party. The submissions must be no less than 50 words and no more than 2,500 words.

Anyways, on Monday, December 14th, at midnight the prompt will end. Then on Tuesday, December 15th, 2020 I will announce the winner of this prompt. Finally, on Friday, Dec. 18th, I will announce the winner of the Grand Advertising Prize!!! Good Luck!

Amanda Dalmas

J.D. Harms, Mimi Bordeaux, Crystalclearcandace, Scott Leonardi, Ann Marie Steele, Iva Hotko, Robert Milby, Ben Kassoy, Lizzie Finn, Terri Seddon, Zach J. Payne, Kino McFarland, Regina, Calluna, Ed Newman, Shalini C, Tathy M Ntumba, Katy Madgwick, Lavender Nightmares, Gun Roswell, Ngang God’swill N., Penni Livingston, Charlotte Ivan, Dionne Charlet, Lauren Tolbert, J M Mantium, Michael Ritoch, Background Noise Comics, rstevens, marcialiss17, Pablo Stanley, Andy Anderson, Rhonda Skinner, Erica N, David Heatley, Lovely Daye, Wolfie Bain, Ora, Markmalady, Barry Dawson IV, Chelsea Cristoffor, Ravyne Hawke, Aaron Quist, Denis Adair, Jeff Suwak, Sivasai Yadav Mudugandla, Mohan Boone, Ema Dumitru, Suntonu Bhadra, Josie Elbiry

I have a few books published on Amazon. My newest book is called, “The Firestorm of Tears.”

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