A Poem.

The Insanity Box:

Deep inside the blood filled puddles
are the secrets of my heart,
spilled for your pleasure.

What occult knowledge do I need to attain
in-order to release my heart from your spells of pain?
The insanity comes full circle now.
Because I can’t let you go, and I repeat the same mistakes, hoping for a different out come.
That is THE definition of Insanity.
But here I am trodding those circular,
never ending knots of behaviors that get me no where.
“I don’t even want to write about you any more,” sighs my inner pain.
You have cut me sooo deep that this poet pukes up tears.
I have tried everything to try to get over you.

I have taken up crafting, needle-binding, spinning wool,
and processing the wool.
I have gone on many failed dates.
Where I was left stuffing my face with his shitty mango sushi.
Then downing that with a side of Chocolate Cake! (yummy but fattening)

The worst of it was laying in some guys arms…pretending he was you.
I almost cried….all while trying to cum.
It was complicated and raw.
To cry while cumming IS A SIN!!!

Oh, Father I have sinned.
It’s been too long since I last confessed.
Please forgive my grievance's against the Gods and Humanity.
For I have cried after orgasming, and blamed the God’s for my own doings.
I have cursed all of existence for you.
For you, I would kill a God.
You need only ask, and I shall provide.

Above all …you stand
The Mountain,
Whose shoulders I hide under…into your belly to live out my days.
Concubine, Whore, Side piece, Plan B, Your Lover, and Friend till the very end of days.
I don’t care what position you demote me to.
So long as I’m with you…I don’t care.

I have a few books published on Amazon. My newest book is called, “The Firestorm of Tears.”

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