That Sound Your Dick Makes…

A Poem

Gushing just to have you touch me
Sloppy wet pussy, galore
You could have them all at once
Mesmerized by your Golden Buddha Rays
They are at your command.
I can’t even stay mad at you
And all I can think of
is those slurping sounds
of two people
viciously fucking their brains out
I love the sounds your dick makes inside of me
The pounding of your balls on my thighs
Your hands grabbing my hips
and running up to my tits
The sweat pouring down the crack of my ass
As you lick it off
I am moaning like a dirty whore
Insert your thumb into my puckered starfish
like a key to a lock
Perfect fit every time
But it’s only a memory now!

Amanda Dalmas ~Dec. 26th, 2020

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