Pleasure Island

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A Rebel’s Prompt: Pleasure Island. For the Month of April 2021.

I want you to take me on an adventure to a deserted pleasure island. I want there to be games, parties, naked people, and unspeakable acts of sex. There could be plot twists, murders, or just wild orgies. Let your wicked minds run wild….with in reason…

No rape scenes. No kids or animals. No torture scenes without consent and negotiations first. No bashing of sexual kinks or sexual orientation. No bashing the LGBTQ+ community. Don’t bore us with the same euphemisms the whole way through; it’s easy to lose the point of the story if someone’s droning on in the same language. You’re creative; let ‘er rip! Do have fun, stay classy, and keep it consensual!

Practice Safe and Healthier Sex.

Meaning, if you are going the BDSM route. Have well laid out negotiations it before writing about a torture scene. They should have safe words and after-care as part of the writing. The people doing the scenes in the writing should be sober as well…but that may be a technicality. Idk…I may bend on that depending on how delicately you write it in there. This is one thing that separates this pub from the rest….Sometimes it is ok to break the rules…sometimes it is definitely not ok to break the rules.

Also, promote the use of condoms for both men and women.

The only word limit is that the writing can not be under 100 words. The writing can go on for as long as it needs to, but if you make it long, keep my attention going. I will reject long pieces that are tedious, repetitive, or boring. And really, I’m not fond of Vanilla Sex. Missionary and Doggy are not creative positions to work into your story. Use your imagination, impress me, don’t just hand me smut…hand me smutty art! I know where the appendages go…I want you to be creative in your telling of the scene. Colorful descriptions, that not only take me there but leave something to the imagination.

Good Luck!
Amanda Dalmas 2021

I have a few books published on Amazon. My newest book is called, “The Firestorm of Tears.”

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