A Very Merry….

It’s my bday today. I’m officially 41 and loven it! I’ve decided that as a bday present to myself, that I would take a few days off from this pub. I Don’t get paid to edit anyone's work on here…nor do I make a profit off of your poems. I do this for the love of creative writing.

I realize that may inconvenience some of you…but I hope you will forgive me as it’s my B-day!

Despite this pandemic, I am enjoying staying home with good company and eating excellent food. Be it cooked food, or takeout, I’m loven the food. My favorite cake is Strawberry Short Cake. My mom would always make me one from scratch for my birthday.

I will be back to work on Monday. So don’t be discouraged and please do submit really good works. Think of it as a bday present to me…to submit the best of the best to me!

You are my creme de la creme and I am proud of all of my writers. Without you submitting these amazing works of art….The Rebel Poets would just be a dream. You are my backbone, my inspiration, and my hope for humanity. I luves ya all….

~ Amanda Dalmas 2021

I have a few books published on Amazon. My newest book is called, “The Firestorm of Tears.”

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