My heart for the Ice King.

And my Sadness is his Price.

My heart is filled with arthritic pain over you.
I delve into the depths of depravity.
Singing songs to you like a God.
Don’t you know that I worship you?
Don’t you know that I adore you above all?
Sometimes, despite all of your lashing, and waggings of the tongue,
I know you still care about me.
No matter how much you grind my bones in your mortal and pestle,
I will always seek you out.

I want to seek you out in the dream world.
But I am afraid of your defences not being able to be able to tell friend from foe.
I couldn’t see you anyways.
Your smoke screen is to thick and my eyes are weakened.
Everything about me is less without you.
You are the completion to my everything.
But I don’t think I am anything to you …sometimes.

And at other times…I know you would kill over me.
I know you would defend me to the end, my friend.
I never doubt your loyalty nor honesty.
I may get paranoid…but I know you, and I see you for what you are….:

A Bad Ass Warrior,
A Master Conjurer and Necromancer,
A Chaotic Lawful character,
A man of principles and justice,
A man who follows through with their word,
A man who never lies,
One of the hardest workers I have ever seen,
Smart, too smart,
And a true Man.

That is how I see you…and I could continue to go on and on…
Proverbially stoking your ego.
But I won’t and will just simply say…I fucking miss you, Always.

I have a few books published on Amazon. My newest book is called, “The Firestorm of Tears.”

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