Loyalty Prompt Winner

The winner is…

The winner of the Loyalty prompt is Mimi Bordeaux and her freestyle writing “Halo of Life.” I loved all of the submissions but I picked hers over the others because of her interesting usage of obscure words and colorful descriptions. Her piece was raw and gritty.

I loved that she used a word I had never heard, and it was worked into the piece properly, not just thrown around to say that you used a 2 cent word. I hate that. It’s a pet peeve of mine when people use words just to look cool or sound intelligent. When you know by the way they used the word, that they just have no fucking clue what it means.

I especially loved the first line, “My existence in a hollow core values seething the gear tastes like salt water pool table and chairs for your hand.” I love the description and everything to do about that line. Well Done Mimi!!! I will be announcing the next prompt for Nov in a little bit….so look for the post under the new section on the toolbar, under prompts.

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