A Poem.

Please, lie to me.
Tell me everything I’ve ever wanted to hear.
All those girly emotional things you never say.
Lie to me to keep me alive.
For I am melting under the weight of loving you.
Puke is rising up my esophagus
because of how disgusted I am of my weaknesses over You.
I can’t stop my heart from needing you.
From seeking you out,
to yearning to hear your voice,
to only imagining you in my head while I’m with other guys.
I can’t hardly get off to anything other than YOU.
Then there are the incessant falling of Diamonds across my face…
The kind that only pay me in poems and puddles.
The ones who etch time across my cheeks.

So Please, Lie to Me!
Lie to me to keep me alive.
Keep me from this insanity.
Let me crawl into your belly and live there, forever.
I could come out to fuck you and crawl back in.
I won’t even say a word.
Just let me in.

But you want to be Alone.
In your castle by the Sea,
overlooking your kingdom.
I feel like sometimes you are becoming a God.
I can feel you growing spiritually and becoming detached from this world.
I can’t go where you are going.
To perfection and beyond.
I am trying to be all that you want me to be.
But I find my self falling short, while you soar even higher.
You move mountains.
But, you Are the Mountain.
All at the same time.
I already worship you like a God.
But now I do see…just how much like a God you are becoming.

I have a few books published on Amazon. My newest book is called, “The Firestorm of Tears.”

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