The Realm of the Dead.

The prompt for January is “The Realm of the Dead.”

People have guessed at what happens after you die, well, since time immortal. Or at least since people started dropping dead. lol Everyone has their own ideas as to what comes next after death. Dante wrote the Divine Comedy, which showcases the Christian belief system of Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven. There are great excerpts from the Prose Edda about beautiful Scandinavian Halls, filled with mead, women, and songs. Oh, Vallhalla, every manly man’s dream.

I do want to state this clearly…I do not want stories from a Christian perspective.

I don’t want to redo Dante at all. I love his work, and I was raised Roman Catholic. I do not follow that religion anymore. Nor can I stomach reading it.

What I’m looking for is for my writers to either write what they personally believe happens after you die or take some inspiration from one of the polytheistic religions.

No less than 50 word entries. There are no more contests, so this is a free for all. It is also Not a requirement to do this prompt. I’m just offering up a little inspiration to my writers.

Good Luck! ~ Amanda Dalmas ~ 2021

I have a few books published on Amazon. My newest book is called, “The Firestorm of Tears.”

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