A rambling lament.

For forty years this campsite stood, and in one years time, gone. All gone. The beautiful stone benches that were carved into the Earth. Filled with camping treasures. A legacy worth handing down for generations to come. A place to go to when the so called Apocalypse finally comes. A place where all of my best memories come from.

The fountain of youth is found in the woods. The energy fills me and rejuvenates me. It calls to me. Now it is reduced to rubble and a pathetic boy scout ring of a shitty fire pit. Even Pirates cove was destroyed. I discovered it…don’t you remember…

In your memory, I will try to rebuild another. I might, just muse some men into helping me. But now that I am older, it will have to be closer than the last campsite to the road. I realized after you died there, in a place that was sacred to you. That the wild is just that …the wild..anything can happen out there.

Despite my Peter Pan Syndrome, I do know that I am only Mortal. Death chases me and yet I chase Death back, sometimes. It might have been stupid for me to have gone to that spot. But I’m glad that I did, it answered alot of questions for me.

I can’t believe it is gone. It made me feel like I was in the olden Renaissance days. The camp had everything. Secret compartments to stuff alcohol and spare camp gear. The camp was loaded with supplies, just in case you forgot something or there was a break down of society. The look of the place was rustic. Two huge stone benches, with a stone floor around a huge stone fire pit. That was the best for cooking chicken over an open fire. It was the perfect camping spot and it over looked a water fall.

A piece of me died when I saw what happened to the campsite. I think it hurt more than him dying there because it was as if he died for a second time. At least I could of visited the place and remembered the good times we all had there. It should of lasted throughout the ages and been handed down in the punk family lines for many generations to come. RIP to those that died there and to the campsite of all campsites.

I have a few books published on Amazon. My newest book is called, “The Firestorm of Tears.”

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