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  • rowen maeve

    rowen maeve

    glasgow based// gay// writing poetry on conversations, light and colours



    Editor of ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications on Medium. Cross-pollinating and supporting 11,000+ writers. Apply to https://digitalmehmet.com/contact

  • Jac Harmony

    Jac Harmony

    Reader of beautiful words and a dreamer of creating literary art. I love to explore and try my hand at different poetry forms. Every moment is a muse!

  • Veronica Georgieva

    Veronica Georgieva

    I write, then I try to write better. A book lover. | email: veronica.georgieva@abv.bg

  • Sena Voncujovi

    Sena Voncujovi

    Afro-Asian Pan-African| West African Vodu herbal and spiritual practitioner | Founder of ReVodution & Jaspora (Japan Africa Diaspora)| PKU China Studies Scholar

  • Denee Francese-Smith

    Denee Francese-Smith

    Restaurant owner, novice writer, joy seeker.

  • Rowen Veratome

    Rowen Veratome

    Heading to an undetermined destination. I carry my loves: philosophy, poetry, music, mathematics, satire. Reach out: rocksoxer@gmail.com

  • Isac Valdez

    Isac Valdez

    If language comes from the gods, then we’ve chosen destruction over creation.

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