Death’s Options

A Rebel’s Prompt: The Realm of the Dead

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These are just my opinions, this is not a fact. No one knows for sure what exactly happens after you die. But mystics have given us some guidelines and religions seem to fill in the blanks. This is what I believe happens after you die, based on my dreams and occult studies.

Most spiritual paths say that your ancestors come to greet you when you first die. They surround your bed as you lay dying and wait for you to detach from your body. They come to welcome you to your new “afterlife” and to explain the rules of the world you are now stepping into.

Here is where your first option comes into play. You have the option to go to the land of your ancestors or to the religious outcome you were born into or chose later on in life. I believe you also have another choice, that you can choose to unify with the Source or a God/Goddess that you honored in life.

In Santeria, there is a belief that if you lead a good enough life, and elevate yourself enough, that you can meld with the Orisha. And become a part of the Orisha you were crowned with. I believe in this concept. My goal is to meld with the Source; in Santeria, that entity is called Olodumare.

You may also choose not to go a particular way, but to just wander in the spirit world. You can do that, but without the guidance of your Ancestors, you will be at the mercy of all types of spirits. There are spirits that never sleep, evil beyond our comprehension. You could become enslaved by one of the spirits, or made to do their bidding. My best suggestion is to ask your Ancestors when on the other side what you should do. They are your family and family above all others, usually have your best intentions at heart.

Amanda Dalmas ~ 2021

I have a few books published on Amazon. My newest book is called, “The Firestorm of Tears.”

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