A poetic rambling.

Photo by Jeff Nissen on Unsplash

Cyclical in nature….is the name of this game. You will find no grammar police here. How does one cheat Death her self? I don’t believe The Source is a woman…nor a man, but I do believe Death is a woman. Only that which gives life, can take a life. She is the mother who never bore you. The best friend I ever had. I never wanted to live forever. And I find comfort in the idea, that this too shall end. But does it?

Nope. I know there is an afterlife. So She never really kills you, just the host that you are in. The fleshy substance, meat sack, and bags of bones is all we are… But, in the next realm, do we have another body of sorts that houses our energy. Because basically, we all just boil down to electrons…popping in and out of existence, while simultaneously existing here in the flesh and not at all.

We are the Source and the Source is Us. But I do feel like some are blessed/cursed to have a certain percentage more of the Source than others. Like looking at a musician on stage in the height of his glory. Some people just shine brighter than the rest. Epic people make for a good story…which is what the whole human race is about. It’s why we come to the Internet searching for an avenue for our personal experiences to be heard. And for those elevated few, who really care to hear and equally share tales with each other. Also to be inspired by these Mammoth beings of Light. To dedicate our time to write poems and sonnets about them. Those Gods we can not touch, but aspire to be like in every way.

I don’t understand why people want to cheat Death? It is inevitable for us All. It is natural and necessary. I do not fear it but find comfort that a friend will come for me in the end. To help me transition from one world to the next. To start anew and yet the same old shit. From here unto Eternity….for It’s name is the Eternal…The ONE…The Source….etc.

I have a few books published on Amazon. My newest book is called, “The Firestorm of Tears.”

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