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Burn my heart.

I grovel at your feet for but a glimpse of you.
For just one kiss,
I’d rake my heart over the flaming coals.
Let it burn,
to all of hell’s furry.
I’m falling further into love's embrace.
Your defences are like a stone fortress.
But sometimes, just when you slip,
I catch a whiff of your feelings toward me and I break in two.
My heart may be divided
but you are my prize.
You are like a skyscraper to me.
Strong and magnificent to behold.
Light and wicked all manifested in one man.
I realize you have given your heart to another.
I know you are conflicted.
But I can’t stop yearning for you.
I will not fight.
I will not speak to candles or spirits that go “Boo” in the night.
But I quake at the sound of your voice,
booming over the telephone.
I’m not even going to disguise my longing for you.
I have tried to stuff these insistent feelings for you,
but nothing works.
I can see a future for you and this fluffy bunny.
But I can’t stop wanting it to be me.
Every night I wait for you in the dream world to ravage my body.
and waiting for you.
Make me your personal whore.
Spank me,
Chain me up,
Rake knives over my bare flesh,
and do all of those wicked things you do so well.
I want all these things and more.
Taste me,
Need me,
Dream of me,
Love me and tease me till I hit the floor.
Beat me into submission.
Eat of my flesh and succumb to my brand of painful love.
Love me completely and I will serve you all the days of my life.

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