A ramble, on what I want from my writers.

A ramble on the types of content I’m looking for.

Like this picture above, I would like your content to be as smooth and flawless as the sell of sex in the Unsplash pic. Even I wish I was slinking my arm around his. Trying to see what he’s typing about.

I want you to be in your zen moment and write something from your soul. Something that cries out to you. I want you in the zone, and creating something relevant to you in some way.

I’d like them to be oozing of emotions, and then the over coming of them or becoming depleted by them. I like dualities, but not all of the time. Don’t try to structure your writing to fit me. But make me bend my mind to see it your way. To want, to desire to read more. Make me drip for it.

Raw and dirty, gritty and goreish, blood splattering horor, and gothic are all welcome. No one said that it had to always be a happy ending. And no one said you had to follow all of the rules…or at least some of the rules, some of the time should be adhered to. And like that wise pot smoking caterpillar, we go further down the rabbit hole.

So far all of my writers have been Very classy about how they write about sex. I have not had to reject any of their works on sensual poetry. I am glad to see that we can talk about adult matters in a constructive and creative way, with out making me puke from perversity. And the pieces on sexual content have been racy, provocative, and dripping with sensuality.

I am very pleased with the writers, I have picked to write for this publication. They write with maturity and vision. Each with their own unique style and formats. I am a personal fan of their writings, both on my publication and off in Medium land. I do follow my writers and encourage them ALL to keep submitting to The Rebel Poet’s Society and writing good quality work, like ya all do! Good luck.

I have a few books published on Amazon. My newest book is called, “The Firestorm of Tears.”

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