A FreeStyle Poem **

I am aware of my death
But I’m still not prepared for the last war.
I think on it though.
Every Day I daydream about changing the outcome.
It’s all about a man who made a pact with the Devil.
A Brujo, a Broker, and a Native American step onto the ring with me.
They all come like peacocks
Heavily packin’
Each with their best toys
Oh, make no mistake
They weren’t fooled
But maybe I was
Blinded by power and cruelty
Secretly you all had various levels of liking me
But that only fuels the hatred you have for me now.
I even may have Deserved a slap or two,
But you three deserve…

And here is why…

This is a case of the few ruined it for the many!

Let me start off by saying that I had many good writers in my pub…people like J.D. Harms, Ann Marie, Barry, Andy Anderson, Rstevens, Lucas, Isac, Iva, Mimi, and there are many others who were very nice to me…

But then there were the shitty writers, who may be able to turn a phrase or two …but whose attitudes sucked and turned them into piles of shit. …

I can not continue to edit ungrateful poet's writings for free anymore. Not all of my writers, but you know who you are. Those ones who drop a piece in my box at 3am and take it out by 6am if I don’t publish it quickly. Or those who rudely tell me that their poem is perfect when it is clearly not. I am sick of not being appreciated and working for free promoting other people's works.

This is one of those times when the few ruin it for the many. So with a heavy heart…I am getting rid of my pub and focusing on my personal writings. Good luck…and it’s really only a few bad writers….the rest of you were great..those who constantly contributed were my fave…and I will continue to follow you as well…keep writing.


A Poem

And then The Good Gods made Pancakes.
Yup, those syrupy, buttery, yummmmmmmy goodness.
I know how to make them like a domesticated Goddess.
I’m trying to lose weight, but he likes pancakes in the am.
I can’t deny him anything,
nor myself either.
I don’t eat a stack….But I’ll be damned if I can’t have but just one!
Just one fluffy golden brown, fried, yummmmy goodness a day, keeps my sweet tooth at bay.
Sometimes the Sweet Tooth Cravings are bad.
After working out
After sex,
I wish you’d remember sex like you remember pancakes.
I am an inflamed vulva.
Red, swollen, juicy, tight and longing for you.
So instead…I just eat ONE pancake…

A Rebel’s Prompt:

For the Month of May

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble. Cool it with a baboon’s blood, Then the charm is firm and good. ~Shakespeare, Macbeth.

I love necromancy, conjure in general, and anything to do with the dead, especially cemeteries. So it’s the Month of May, and life is restarting again in nature. So why not whip out our trusty pens, and conjure up a little writing spell to make the dead reanimate?

Necromancy has fascinated people since loved ones started dying. The pull to bring back dead loved ones is in everyone's heart, but not everyone has the guts…

A Freestyle Poem

Blueberry bushes mark the spot
They bring me comfort
Little winding paths,
Swampy woods,
Quartz rocks all over the place
“Howdy folks,” is said by everyone
You work until you drop
For the privileges of being on the land
But it was worth it
For the land was full of magic
But the people's hearts were full of selfishness
There were many layers of games and tests there
Many times I felt like I would be voted off of the Island
They all stabbed each other in the back
But the land called to me
And I loved that land
I feel peace there
Nature is raw there
Opening up to me
Like a rose bush

Laura Manipura was nice enough to mention this pub in her article:
Poetry Publications 2021

I’m very honored!

Amanda Dalmas ~ 2021

Amanda Dalmas

I have a few books published on Amazon. My newest book is called, “The Firestorm of Tears.”

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